June 2014


On Friday May 31, the Eyecos Clinic and more specifically Dr. Peter Grimaldos, a leading figure in ophthalmology, presented NewEyes Laser to change eye color in the XXII edition of the Congress of the Spanish Society of Medical Surgical Laser.

It was the first time they occur worldwide results NewEyes Laser technique for eye color change after two years of experience and more than 300 cases performed on patients over 30 countries.

Dr. Grimaldos pioneer in this technique is currently the only doctor in the world that makes the change of eye color laser.
He made a presentation of approximately 20 minutes where he shares the creation of this art, as the technique is done to make it safe and effective, and no complications develop short, medium and long term. Dr. Grimaldos explains how makes the art, people are apt to change eye color by NewEyes Laser and protocols and suitability of patients.
At the same time indicating that the technique is safe also comments that predicting the effectiveness color after treatment as assessed in a predictability of 80%, although always fit various parameters shown in this exhibition.

Also in his presentation shows some of the techniques that take place in the near future whether to change eye color as well as other techniques related to the topic. The doctor told exclusively that after this summer could begin to change the color of the dark brown eyes with NewEyes Laser developments.

Presentation of the art Neweyes Laser to change eye color – 2 years of experience


You can find more information on this site about treatment NewEyes  Laser or request treatment book to change eye color only with laser using the contact form that you will find in the FAQ section.