September 2014


After more than two years of experience, the Eyecos Clinic presents the new generation of NewEyes Laser treatment to change eye color.

After more than two years developing the treatment of eye color change laser, with hundreds of patients worldwide, Dr Grimaldos and Eyecos Clinic Barcelona present the second generation of NewEyes Laser.

Among the news of the new treatment, simplicity (in many cases it will be performed in a single session for each eye), and the ability to perform the treatment in eyes with pigmentation grade IV, the most widespread among the population, are the main ones.

A pigmentation table is available in, in order to check the pigmentation grade of the patient’s eyes. You can see the table here.

The new generation of NewEyes Laser Treatment is expected to be fully active at the end of this year 2014.

The clinic has filmed a promotional video to simulate the results of the treatment and to graphically understand its procedure. 

Check the video out here:


This time we show a document produced by the Eyecos Clinic, the only treatment that makes changing eye color laser, to detect pigmentation of the eyes of stakeholders.

This document is the classification of pigmentation and for the moment can only be subjected to the treatment grades I, II, III.



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