February 2015

Have you ever dreamed of a change in the color of your eyes ? Many people have wished a thousand times wake up and the color of his eyes had changed . Today this dream to change the eye color is available to everyone.

The Eyecos Barcelona Clinic is the first and , so far , only place where it is possible , through technical innovation and affordably change the eye color . The technique was developed in Germany and is a simple procedure that does not involve surgery, but using laser eyes.

The dark eyes have a greater amount of melanin , which determines its darkness. Therefore, this laser treatment is changing the amount of melanin present in the iris , reducing and thus obtaining a clear color, but natural to the eye.

Despite being a practice that is performed for the first time in a clinic , the technique is quite safe . The professionals who carry out state that so far there has been no indication whatsoever of harmful side effects to the eyes and correct operation . It is a reliable treatment , devoid of complications that could have an intraocular surgery .

Also, the technique allows a prediction of what would be the end result of treatment , thus , patients do not undergo the outcome as an unknown , but before starting treatment have been able to foresee what the new color of their eyes .

Nothing has been done in this technique 300 . These patients from all over the world have traveled to Barcelona solely to undergo the treatment.

Thanks to this, many people may choose the color of his eyes.
Technological advances have made ​​it possible for something unthinkable until recently , change eye color . No reference to lenses , tattoos or other equally superficial and transient solutions. Through modern laser techniques for eyes is now possible to change the color of the iris and thus change the color of the eyes of any person permanently.

The Eyecos Clinic in Barcelona, ​​is one of the pioneers in this field of research and the first in the world that has managed to develop a fully effective , simple and safe technique to change the color of your eyes by laser technology. 300 people worldwide have already been submitted to Laser treatment neweyes with highly satisfactory results without having to go through surgery , with all the trouble that leads rigged .

This amazing breakthrough is the result of nearly 20 years that leads Eyecos dedicated to clinical research and technological development in the field of refractive ophthalmology and aesthetics. The passion for innovation that defines the work of practitioners is the origin of this new technology , unique in the world , you can change the color of the irises are influencing visual capacity . Now people who want the look of a different color have the ultimate solution. Laser neweyes puts the latest technology at the service of aesthetics and makes it affordable to everyone the possibility to change the eye color .

The ongoing commitment to research clinical Eyecos not end in developing technical exclusive Laser neweyes ; continues daily in a constant search for improvements in the treatment , not only in terms of results , but also with regard to the safety of this .
Who has not dreamed of having green eyes ? Or blue ? Now it is possible . Thanks to the latest innovations in laser eye , change the color of the eyes is no longer the stuff of science fiction to become something available to anyone , anywhere in the world.

The Eyecos Clinic , Barcelona , has spent years at the forefront of research in this field and is the only world that makes the change eye color by a unique and novel technique , the Laser neweyes . It is the first that lets you change the color of the iris of a safe, effective and predictable way , without surgery , injury , or suture , which does not involve any complications from surgery.

The Laser neweyes system is, therefore , a highly reliable technique that does not diminish one iota visual acuity and has been successfully applied to more than 300 people worldwide . Thanks to this modern technology , 300 people have been able to change the color of your eyes and now enjoy the look you always dreamed .

This advanced laser technique born from the firm commitment to clinical research Eyecos Barcelona , which has its own R + D + I, focused on continuous optimization of results and the development of new technologies exclusively as Laser neweyes . It is formed by a group of professionals dedicated solely to eye health , which guarantee 20 years of experience , optimal results over those two decades in refractive surgery and aesthetics , and a constant focus on innovation , training and technological development; this vocation novel and unique technique Laser neweyes arises , and with it the ability to change the eye color .

¿Quién no ha soñado siempre con tener los ojos verdes? ¿O azules? Ahora ya es posible. Gracias a las últimas innovaciones en láser para ojos, cambiar el color de los ojos ha dejado de ser cosa de ciencia ficción para convertirse en algo al alcance de cualquier persona, de cualquier parte del mundo.


La clínica Eyecos, de Barcelona, lleva años a la vanguardia de la investigación en dicho campo y es la única del mundo que realiza el cambio de color de ojos mediante una exclusiva y novedosa técnica, la Laser Neweyes. Es la primera que permite cambiar el color del iris de una forma segura, eficaz y predecible, sin cirugía, heridas, ni sutura, con lo que no conlleva ninguna de las complicaciones derivadas de una intervención quirúrgica.


El sistema Laser Neweyes es, por tanto, una técnica altamente segura, que no disminuye ni un ápice la agudeza visual y ha sido aplicada con éxito a más de 300 personas de todo el mundo. Gracias a esta moderna tecnología, 300 personas han podido cambiar el color de sus ojos y ahora disfrutan de la mirada que siempre soñaron.


Esta avanzada técnica láser nace de la firme apuesta por la investigación de la clínica barcelonesa Eyecos, que cuenta con su propio departamento de I+D+I, enfocado a la optimización continua de los resultados y al desarrollo en exclusiva de nuevas tecnologías como Laser Neweyes. Estáformada por un grupo de profesionales dedicados únicamente a la salud ocular, al que avalan 20 años de experiencia, los óptimos resultados obtenidos a lo largo de esas dos décadas en cirugía refractiva y estética, y un énfasis constante en la innovación, la formación y el desarrollo tecnológico; de esta vocación surge la novedosa y exclusiva técnica Laser Neweyes, y con ella la posibilidad de cambiar el color de los ojos.