April 2015

At Neweyes Laser we are still working very hard daily with a clear objective: to offer our customers a solution to perform the change eye color safely and effectively, with maximum guarantees of safety and quality.

After more than seven years of research and more than three years of experience performing the treatment in which accumulate over 750 eyes treated, we are in a position to say that Neweyes Laser is the safest treatment for changing the color of the eyes that exists in the market. A pioneer and performed exclusively worldwide from our Eyecos Clinic, located in the center of Barcelona.

Neweyes Laser is the only solution for changing eye color offering maximum guarantees and security worldwide. Our technology is pioneering and unique, the neweyes laser is only available in the Eyecos Clinic. We pioneered and continue to work to improve our results. An idea, a dream, a lot of work to do and a long way to go.

Along with the cold, the computer is a bad ally in our view, as daily use for several hours can affect our eye health. As there is care for your eyes only in winter (although dry eyes caused by the cold is very annoying), this article will show you some tips for eye care when working with your computer.

Whether for business or leisure reasons, we spent many hours at the computer and, over time, appear the first problems in our view. Any symptoms, it is best to go to an eye care professional to make the correct diagnosis and put the right solution but in the meantime, here are some tips to care for your eyes computer monitor.

One of the main eye problems that arise when working for an extended period of time at the computer is eyestrain. From age 40 is normal these symptoms appear and if in addition the person using the computer much, the problem of tired vision is common.

To avoid as far as possible this problem is advisable to maintain a distance of at least 50 inches from the eyes to the screen and stops every 20 minutes, shifting his gaze to other points far at least 8 meters.

It is also advisable to have good lighting in the room, if it can be naturally better. Is essential to avoid glare, very harmful to the eyes.

Cover your eyes and blink often. Is an excellent way to relax your eyes and prevent dryness of the eyes, as this you increase your hydration. Alternatively, sometimes artificial tears can be used to improve ocular lubrication.

With these tips, your eyes will be protected and not have to give up enjoying your computer.

The view is one of our most important and sensitive way. The eye care, therefore, is a must. In this sense, they should bear in mind a number of tips related to eye health.

First, our eyes work better if we follow a balanced diet rich in vitamins and antioxidants. Having a healthy lifestyle is essential for this sense does not suffer. In fact, get enough rest, both at bedtime and through activities that require fixation of sight, it is essential to avoid eye fatigue. Not only have to watch these bodies but also their protectors. For example, glasses and contact lenses, which have to be in optimum condition and be approved with the models recommended by medical professionals. We must also avoid deficient or excessive lighting conditions indoors or overexposure to the sun, since it forces the view.

Eye care in times of year colder requires further attention. The use of heating causes dry eyes cold. Given this problem, the use of eyedrops is recommended wetting. We also participate in activities that involve risk to the eye, such as reading or using computers. Caring eye with computer in front depends posturing and appropriate distances, as it can dry out if not frequently flashes.
Hygiene, like food, is basic. When you rub your eyes with your hands, we risk getting infected in these sensitive organs.

The problems associated with eye health increases with age. All the more reason to periodically visit specialized in eye care doctors.
Undoubtedly, the view is the sense we most need to perform our daily activities, we must preserve it.

98% of the population has brown eyes compared to 2% that is clear. Through them comes the most of information and are a transmitter optimal mood and an excellent source of communication and seduction. But there are people who do not feel identified with them or show any abnormality and dream of changing the color of his eyes. This possibility is now a reality with neweyes technique, which allows the change of eye color permanently and safely. If you want to see the life of another color, we explain what it is.

First you should know that is a surgically-not ambulatory technique and allows normal life. Also today is the only worldwide able to change the eye color effective, painless and without side effects. Without resorting to lenses or lens implants.

The treatment lies in depigmenting the surface layer of the iris by laser to switch from brown to green or blue hues. Depending on the original color intensity, it will take more or less sessions and controls every six months. Therefore, the first step is to go to consultation or contact by phone to take us or value the first pictures of the iris. In cases of grade III and IV, treatment is laser generation with a cost of $ 3,000. In grade I and II will be 2,000 euros and treatment is available in nine continuous session or in two, with an interval of one or two months between them.

After each session, the care is minimal. Not subjected to discomfort or need to rest. During his two years, about 180 people have increased their self-esteem through this innovative laser technique. With 100% natural results.

Eye health is a key to personal well-being. A good eye care habits requires. In this sense, it is advisable to take care of view of the possible effects of the sun. How to take care eyes from the sun?

Continued exposure of the eye to ultraviolet rays can cause progressive vision loss. It is also very important to pay special attention to risk. For example, when driving a car when the driver can be dazzled by excess light at certain times if not protected appropriately. This dazzling effect of ultraviolet rays increases in certain contexts and summer, but also in snowy winter landscapes and rainy days.

Sunglasses are a very healthy resource that performs a function of visual impact protection from the sun. You should choose a frame with a quality crystals. Choose your sunglasses in a specialized optics. These glasses must also have a corrective function in the event that the person has a visual problem such as myopia or astigmatism. In this case, the glass lenses must be graduates.

Thus, people who habitually use a goggles also prevent the possible consequences of having dry eye. The cold eye dryness is a common problem in winter. Choose approved sunglasses, preferably in the following colors: amber, brown, green and gray. Also, when walking through the city, avoid looking directly at the sun.

Take advantage of daylight hours in your home to perform those activities that require visual effort (read the newspaper or sewing). Finally, good lighting also enhances the working concentration eye care at the computer.