December 2015


Finally, after many hours of work we have first the honor to present neweyes Laser Plus 2G.

The new laser announced a year ago is now a reality, is in Barcelona and have already made the first patients, with 100% efficiency in both safety and results.

Earlier this year because it will be quite operational. A partir del 1 de enero la Clínica Eyecos solo realizará el cambio del color de ojos mediante el nuevo láser, ya que este mejora en 10 aspectos el anterior.


  • Shorter sessions
  • More confortable
  • Best removing pigment
  • Less swelling and waste
  • Better pressure control
  • Faster rehabilitation
  • Eye treatment for grade IV
  • Touching up pigmentation
  • Best color result
  • Best tonality

As indicated in the last year 2015 the cost of treatment will be € 3000 for grades I, II and III, and 4000 € for patients with grade IV.

Thank you for your wait.