July 2016


For over 3 years, Eyecos Clinic performs its star treatment, NewEyes Laser, a treatment to change eye color laser, which through several sessions a few minutes get remove melanin in your eyes showing blue and green colors.

The clinic brings together more than 6 years of research and more than 3 years doing therapy patients. In this 2016 they crossed the line of the 2000 cases performed.

With the addition this year of the second version of its laser, Laser neweyes 2G Plus, which improves in 10 aspects of the previous laser, the clinic has made a big investment to professionalize the entire treatment experience. The clinic provides interested in this, several options for increasing the security of processing, improve the predictability of results, and find out if the person is fit to do so.


These are the options:

1-Clinical geneticists by scientists has located for the first time, using remote-controlled probes, genes that determine eye color. Thus, with only a saliva sample, we can identify with great accuracy alleles we have inherited from our family, dark or light, green or blue brown, and explain the unusual appearance of the iris heterochromia. Its reliability index is around 98%. The revolutionary Biochip Eyecolor probe may also predict with a high level of reliability, the cosmetic result of the laser neweyes.

2- The Biochip Eyecolor is complemented by the APP for mobile phones, neweyes SIMULATOR SCIENTIFIC, scientifically based on the phenotype of the patient and his immediate family. Theory 2 genes, green and blue, is the theoretical and practical basis of this innovative APP, now available free on Google Play Market and AppleStore.

The clinic also offers its APP to program or learn more about the treatment, MINEWEYES, also find for Android and iOS.

3-The Eyecos Clinic has also introduced two other genetic Biochips, glaucoma and retina, to achieve safety levels above 95% with the technical neweyes Laser.

4- The Eyecos Clinic receives visitors from around the world. In response to this demand, is making a package with several products, so that the interested party is informed of everything related to treatment, biochips done to find out if you have a history of glaucoma or what color result you get. Become quality photographs your eyes to better predict the outcome or start the formalization of treatment.


All willing to perform the laser treatment neweyes, safely, in the Eyecos Clinic, a world leader treatment and to celebrate this year its more than 2000 cases performed.