November 2017

We present the results of the change of eye color through the treatment NewEyes Laser of Eyecos.

One of our clients sends us two photographs of his eyes after 15 months and explains (we publish textual):

“Today I went the Eye Doctor for a comprehensive exam, including optos digital imaging and macular pigment density test. This is now 15 months after the procedure. I am happy to report that there is nothing wrong with my eyes other that I need reading glasses, but I needed them even before the procedure at I took some pic only 2 minutes apart today looking at the sky from the shade and they are blueish, and in the sun they are green.”

Thank you for sharing your experience with us.

Dr. Grimaldos.

testimonio-neweyes-laser-2 testimonio-neweyes-laser



This time, we present the operating protocol of the new laser for the change of the color of the eyes in its 4g version, which in a week gets the results.



For grades 1, 2 and 3 this is the protocol:

Monday: 1/2 of the 1st eye

Tuesday: 1/2 of 2nd eye

Wednesday: 2/2 of the 1st eye

Thursday: 2/2 of the 2nd eye



quick laser 4g

quick laser 4g neweyeslaser


The main advantages:

It is a painless laser treatment, without repigmentation, and does not affect the ocular pressure and its effect is permanent.


* For dark degrees 3 will be made in 2 laser stages.