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This time, we present the operating protocol of the new laser for the change of the color of the eyes in its 4g version, which in a week gets the results.



For grades 1, 2 and 3 this is the protocol:

Monday: 1/2 of the 1st eye

Tuesday: 1/2 of 2nd eye

Wednesday: 2/2 of the 1st eye

Thursday: 2/2 of the 2nd eye



quick laser 4g

quick laser 4g neweyeslaser


The main advantages:

It is a painless laser treatment, without repigmentation, and does not affect the ocular pressure and its effect is permanent.


* For dark degrees 3 will be made in 2 laser stages.


For over 3 years, Eyecos Clinic performs its star treatment, NewEyes Laser, a treatment to change eye color laser, which through several sessions a few minutes get remove melanin in your eyes showing blue and green colors.

The clinic brings together more than 6 years of research and more than 3 years doing therapy patients. In this 2016 they crossed the line of the 2000 cases performed.

With the addition this year of the second version of its laser, Laser neweyes 2G Plus, which improves in 10 aspects of the previous laser, the clinic has made a big investment to professionalize the entire treatment experience. The clinic provides interested in this, several options for increasing the security of processing, improve the predictability of results, and find out if the person is fit to do so.


These are the options:

1-Clinical geneticists by scientists has located for the first time, using remote-controlled probes, genes that determine eye color. Thus, with only a saliva sample, we can identify with great accuracy alleles we have inherited from our family, dark or light, green or blue brown, and explain the unusual appearance of the iris heterochromia. Its reliability index is around 98%. The revolutionary Biochip Eyecolor probe may also predict with a high level of reliability, the cosmetic result of the laser neweyes.

2- The Biochip Eyecolor is complemented by the APP for mobile phones, neweyes SIMULATOR SCIENTIFIC, scientifically based on the phenotype of the patient and his immediate family. Theory 2 genes, green and blue, is the theoretical and practical basis of this innovative APP, now available free on Google Play Market and AppleStore.

The clinic also offers its APP to program or learn more about the treatment, MINEWEYES, also find for Android and iOS.

3-The Eyecos Clinic has also introduced two other genetic Biochips, glaucoma and retina, to achieve safety levels above 95% with the technical neweyes Laser.

4- The Eyecos Clinic receives visitors from around the world. In response to this demand, is making a package with several products, so that the interested party is informed of everything related to treatment, biochips done to find out if you have a history of glaucoma or what color result you get. Become quality photographs your eyes to better predict the outcome or start the formalization of treatment.


All willing to perform the laser treatment neweyes, safely, in the Eyecos Clinic, a world leader treatment and to celebrate this year its more than 2000 cases performed.


Finally, after many hours of work we have first the honor to present neweyes Laser Plus 2G.

The new laser announced a year ago is now a reality, is in Barcelona and have already made the first patients, with 100% efficiency in both safety and results.

Earlier this year because it will be quite operational. A partir del 1 de enero la Clínica Eyecos solo realizará el cambio del color de ojos mediante el nuevo láser, ya que este mejora en 10 aspectos el anterior.


  • Shorter sessions
  • More confortable
  • Best removing pigment
  • Less swelling and waste
  • Better pressure control
  • Faster rehabilitation
  • Eye treatment for grade IV
  • Touching up pigmentation
  • Best color result
  • Best tonality

As indicated in the last year 2015 the cost of treatment will be € 3000 for grades I, II and III, and 4000 € for patients with grade IV.

Thank you for your wait.




First, we justify the intent of this article, is not to discredit any clinical or treatment but do not want to relate our work with the treatment of other clinics.
The Eyecos clinic, located in Barcelona, is the only clinic that performs the treatment of eye color change NewEyes Laser. Any further processing of this type does not belong nor is done in our Clinic.
And with that we want to fully uncheck any other work or laser treatment that these clinics are doing that and is not expressly made by the Eyecos Clinic Barcelona.
First, because no one uses a laser as the neweyes as it is done exclusively for the Eyecos Clinic and is only used in the same clinic.
And secondly, because we know the technology they use and if they have relevant evidence.
The Eyecos clinic has more than 7 years and thousands of dollars invested to develop the NewEyes Laser and perform all relevant tests and protocols to ensure quality and performance as well as the experience of over 3 years with patients.
La mayoría de estas clínicas, de los cuales se dice que hizo el tratamiento, nunca habían pronunciado en el sector de la oftalmología, que nos hace suponer que podría ser de engaños, programas acelerados, y podrían fallar en varias partes del tratamiento.
For this reason and because we value our customer’s eye as sacred, we want to completely get away from this kind of treatment to change eye color.
Also you will have to be careful with the images they publish, because in some cases, images are extracted from digital media Eyecos Clinic (web, video, social networking, publications, etc.) in copy mode so obtaining images of treatments performed, which this fact constitutes fraud.


Here we show you some pictures so you can differentiate that is neweyes and not






Thank You



What is Latisse?


For anyone unaware of the issue, Latisse is a product used for lengthening eyelashes. This product comes from Lumigan, which is indicated eyes eye drops to patients with glaucoma to reduce elevated intraocular pressure and its active ingredient bimatoprost. With the use of this product was found to patient lashes lengthened. Then it was created under the Latisse brand and as a product for lengthening eyelashes.



For it is contraindicated with NewEyes Laser?


Well it turns out to have various side effects and one of them is that OBSCURES THE IRIS, ie, bimatoprost produces hyperpigmentation. It is not permanent but it takes too long to recover the original color, darker eyes is hard to see.

But for people who have made neweyes Laser may affect more way to have very clear eyes, so is absolutely forbidden, otherwise it will obscure the iris.


Real case


It can sometimes obscure the eye as the image, it presents around the current greenish after performing Laser neweyes but hyperpigmented in the center and grows ever wider radius.



You can easily reach this page for more informationñas/Crecepestañas/Lumigan/Bimatoprost.htm


Did you know that a diet rich in vitamin A and C is vital for eye care? Most have heard of the virtues of carrots for eye health. However, there are other foods that we include in our menu if we boast a keen eye. We tell you what:

– Vitamin A is found in vegetables and fruits of intense color, such as carrots, sweet potatoes, spinach, cabbage or squash. And in other foods such as liver, milk and eggs. We achieve the recommended with only half a carrot a day daily allowance. Although the ideal is to eat three pieces and two servings of vegetables or vegetables each day.

– Vitamin C. This potent antioxidant is found in oranges, papayas, strawberries, cantaloupe, red peppers, cauliflower, broccoli and tomatoes.

– Vitamin E. Brazil nuts, almonds, hazelnuts, pistachios, peanuts and vegetables are rich in this vitamin.

– Zinc. Present in red meat, oysters or chicken.

– Omega-3, mainly salmon, higher fatty acids have beneficial effects for eye health.

– Vitamin D. Also, remember to include in your diet other fish such as anchovy, sardine, trout or tuna.

Some eye disorders are associated with obesity, diabetes, cholesterol and hypertension. Therefore, it is important to eat more fruits and vegetables and less salt and animal fats. However, we must follow a series of eye care habits at certain times of year, such as summer or during the workday. Therefore, it is important to wear sunglasses, artificial tears or blink frequently to avoid suffering discomfort and improve quality of life. And if you spend many hours in front of the screen, remember to look away every 20 minutes to protect your eyes from the computer. Your health, your body and your eyes will thank you.



The Eyecos Clinic presents NewEyes Experience where we show the before and after performing NewEyes Laser.

The latest results are also shown with the laser second generation will be fully operational in January 2015.


If you enjoyed this video be sure to share it with your friends. Thank you very much.


After more than two years of experience, the Eyecos Clinic presents the new generation of NewEyes Laser treatment to change eye color.

After more than two years developing the treatment of eye color change laser, with hundreds of patients worldwide, Dr Grimaldos and Eyecos Clinic Barcelona present the second generation of NewEyes Laser.

Among the news of the new treatment, simplicity (in many cases it will be performed in a single session for each eye), and the ability to perform the treatment in eyes with pigmentation grade IV, the most widespread among the population, are the main ones.

A pigmentation table is available in, in order to check the pigmentation grade of the patient’s eyes. You can see the table here.

The new generation of NewEyes Laser Treatment is expected to be fully active at the end of this year 2014.

The clinic has filmed a promotional video to simulate the results of the treatment and to graphically understand its procedure. 

Check the video out here:


This time we show a document produced by the Eyecos Clinic, the only treatment that makes changing eye color laser, to detect pigmentation of the eyes of stakeholders.

This document is the classification of pigmentation and for the moment can only be subjected to the treatment grades I, II, III.



If you have questions about this topic or any other, you can access the FAQ’s section or send a query to be performed through the contact form of this website.




On Friday May 31, the Eyecos Clinic and more specifically Dr. Peter Grimaldos, a leading figure in ophthalmology, presented NewEyes Laser to change eye color in the XXII edition of the Congress of the Spanish Society of Medical Surgical Laser.

It was the first time they occur worldwide results NewEyes Laser technique for eye color change after two years of experience and more than 300 cases performed on patients over 30 countries.

Dr. Grimaldos pioneer in this technique is currently the only doctor in the world that makes the change of eye color laser.
He made a presentation of approximately 20 minutes where he shares the creation of this art, as the technique is done to make it safe and effective, and no complications develop short, medium and long term. Dr. Grimaldos explains how makes the art, people are apt to change eye color by NewEyes Laser and protocols and suitability of patients.
At the same time indicating that the technique is safe also comments that predicting the effectiveness color after treatment as assessed in a predictability of 80%, although always fit various parameters shown in this exhibition.

Also in his presentation shows some of the techniques that take place in the near future whether to change eye color as well as other techniques related to the topic. The doctor told exclusively that after this summer could begin to change the color of the dark brown eyes with NewEyes Laser developments.

Presentation of the art Neweyes Laser to change eye color – 2 years of experience


You can find more information on this site about treatment NewEyes  Laser or request treatment book to change eye color only with laser using the contact form that you will find in the FAQ section.