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At Neweyes Laser we are still working very hard daily with a clear objective: to offer our customers a solution to perform the change eye color safely and effectively, with maximum guarantees of safety and quality.

After more than seven years of research and more than three years of experience performing the treatment in which accumulate over 750 eyes treated, we are in a position to say that Neweyes Laser is the safest treatment for changing the color of the eyes that exists in the market. A pioneer and performed exclusively worldwide from our Eyecos Clinic, located in the center of Barcelona.

Neweyes Laser is the only solution for changing eye color offering maximum guarantees and security worldwide. Our technology is pioneering and unique, the neweyes laser is only available in the Eyecos Clinic. We pioneered and continue to work to improve our results. An idea, a dream, a lot of work to do and a long way to go.

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