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How you met neweyes Laser?

I met online. Looking ophthalmologists say opinions and Grimaldos Doctor Clinic.

Después del tratamiento

After treatment

¿Tell us about your experience with the treatment?

It was very good, did not imagine that in the moment of performing the laser and the results will be felt. Practically it is almost painless and I rejoined my working life at the time. I also assumed the post exertion me any treatment because they are drops you have to put a few days and is easy to match day.


Antes del tratamiento

Before treatment

Why change the color of your eyes?

In my case I never had a definite color, but had green eyes with brown spots and we neither brown nor green and decided why not, remove stains and leave a single tone.


Después del tratamiento

After treatment

What was your level of pigmentation and what was the result?

My degree was a two, to be clearer, a green bottle and now elresultado after removing the brown pigment covering the iris is bluish gray pearl. Spectacular! Under that brown I was hiding this new color. The result is a unique, clean and shiny.

You are what you recommend to your best friend or a relative?

Of course you do!

How could we make people understand that this is a real treatment?

Triumphs and advances in techniques are not available to everyone, will always have its supporters and detractors, and as a personal experience I can say that it is a quick, virtually painless and definitive treatment. With excellent results, and in the hands of a professional and close to the patient, Dr. Grimaldos.

Thank you very much.

Image before treatment


Image after treatment


















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Muchas Gracias


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